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Emergency Legal aid and financial relief fundraiser for patients caregivers:

by admin-mcleep on December 23rd, 2015
MCLEEP Medical Cannabis Law Enforcement Education Program

MCLEEP Medical Cannabis Law Enforcement Education Program

Emergency Legal aid and financial relief fundraiser for patients caregivers:
Your a part of this historic legal action!
from: J. Nayer Hardin
1 hr ·
A trailblazer in the field of cannabis caregiver is Lee Reisch In addition to being a caregiver, Lee has created a large amount of video footage of marijuana masters some who are not here anymore, yet their wisdom holds the keys to using hemp to solve our problems. In his archive are Jack Herer, Richard M. Davis, Sister Somayah Kambui and countless others.
Please, if you can, include his work in your holiday giving and tithing. Thank you.
just click here to help our hemp heroes and caregivers and over 40k patients.
original post:
Dear freinds and family please help me with this fundraiser for . 45 million dollar legal lawsuit for state Counties and cities:
If you have a claim you can join our legal aid group: contact me directly.
With this fundraiser we need to cover our legal aid now that we have secured a attorney to make my 2 month late claims deadlines to courts.
Please message me or comment if you can help.
help host an event or fundraiser so we can help over 160 members and over 40,000 California patients with fraudulent doctor letters and identity theft of doctors claims.. State ID card claims for Jason D. Andrews in two Orange county cases.
anyone who wishes to donate can donate at paypal for the “MCLEEP Legal and living doantion fund” send your support contributions to:
I am authorized to manage the fundraiser donations and living survival donations for members of the case and claims group and legal funds for Scott Linden
Attorney at Law:
We need funding for general legal aid, court filing. survival food, rent, operating expenses food programs, advertising, marketing and anything you can provide.
Volunteer support needed: Telemarketers, Fundraising Specialist, Internet Designers and program managers,

Lee Reisch
Jason D.Andrews Vice President
J. Nayer Hardin Volunteer Coordinator

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