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MCLEEP LETTER DRIVE: A letter is like 1000 calls.

by admin-mcleep on September 27th, 2015

MCLEEP LETTER DRIVE: A letter is like 1000 calls.


RE: The MCLEEP Governors & Presidents letter drive:

We are delivering a packet of letters to the Governor of CA and The President of the united states on a wide range of medical marijuana patients issues:

Send us your Governors and Presidents letters!

Let’s go we have limited time.

Contact us for a sample letter to draft your personalized letter directing your concerns. If you need any help email us at using the websites email link.

info (at)

you can print, sign and scan letters and email them to us to help also.

we can print and send the letters in our package, postage paid!

We expanded this campaign to the President.
He needs to know the same things as our Governor!

We are asking for very personalized letters from, patients, cultivators,  caregivers or collectives who have failed or suffered from the negligence of courts and law enforcement of the principles and purposes of Proposition 215, and it’s furtherance in SB420. The governor is about to sign a package of 3 bills: AB 243AB 266AB 643.

We think your letters and concerns matter:

Here is a sample Letter From Dr. Marion Fry, It means so much more to personalize than use a template.


Dear Governor  Brown,

I spoke to your staff on Friday the 25th of September. I was concerned because I felt that they did not take me seriously.

I am a medical cannabis patient who survived breast cancer,  I am also a physician. I am deeply concerned about the legislation that you have  on your desk. Regulation is required for the industry of business regarding cannabis sales and distribution. However the legislation you have before you , unnecessarily restricts and regulates physicians as well as takes away the rights of patients. In 1996 the California people voted to create a law called the compassionate use act or proposition 215. This law states that it is a right of  sick and dying patients to have safe and affordable access to the alternative medicine of cannabis. It also states that no physician shall be sanctioned or prosecuted for having recommended cannabis to a patient.

This law came into existence by the will of the people to meet the needs of the people. The legislation , Senate bill 266 other related bills are going against the needs and will of sick Californians. Specific modifications to the existing bill could make it much more acceptable to the patients it was intended to protect. Small groups of patients who provide medicine for each other should be called care providers not caregivers, this would allow them to work together to provide safe and affordable medicine for each others. Individual patient should be allowed to grow share and receive benefit from their medicine in a non commercial level. Patients must be able to transport and use their medicine wherever and whenever they need it in California. Proposition 215 made the use of cannabis a right not a privilege.

In addition doctors should be regulated through the appropriate medical administrative procedures. Singling out cannabis doctors as separate  from other medical practices is a violation of the Constitution of the United States. No one group of people should be singled out for any reason other than unlawful behavior. The issues that the legislature appears to have regarding physicians will be resolved when cannabis is made recreational next year.

Thank you very much for your interest in the sick and dying Californians and your desire to keep them safe as they use a medicine that is life saving. The rights of Californians to have a healthy safe environment  and access  to quality  medicine , must always come before economic and political motivations. Please ensure that sick and dying Californians have safe and affordable access to cannabis.

Sincerely Marion Fry MD



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